Yingshing Zhuhai Awarded as 2019 Leading Benchmark of Industrial 4.0 in Zhuhai

Zhuhai YingCheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (known as Yingshing Zhuhai afterwards) is an independent engineered plastics component solutions provider supplying high-specification tools/molds as well as injection molded precision parts to well-known global OEMs, located in No. 88 Keji 9th Road, Hightech Zone, Zhuhai, Guangdong. The Award-wining project is leveraging IoT (Internet of Things) & MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Technology to enable real-time molding machine data collection and drive real-time root cause analysis and resolution in order to mitigate issues and significantly improve process efficiency and provide data insights to level-up operational Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Using Kingdee Cloud as Master Data Foundation & ERP Core System, in conjunction with the injection molding MES system and real-time operational data collected from IOT equipment to not only drive resolution of the issues for injection molding on-site operation, but also being able to manage capacity planning in real-time in order to take necessary action in fast-changing customer demand, and continuing leading the industry on both engineering & technology innovation.
After awareness of the program and then register of “2019 Zhuhai Industrial 4.0 Leading Benchmark Selection ”, Yingshing Zhuhai submitted the report named《Intelligent Manufacturing System Base on IoT & MES》on April 4th.
After nominated by Zhuhai Industry and Information Technology Institution as one of the potential candidate, Yingshing Zhuhai successfully passed the live on-site public reply & audit on April 23rd, and on April 26th, Yingshing Zhuhai was officially announced by Government to win the prize of 2019 Leading Benchmark of Industrial 4.0. Yingshing Zhuhai was one of the only two manufacturers out of total 15 winners.
In the afternoon of April 30th, executives committee of Zhuhai Industry and Information Technology Institution (Leading Government Organization of Zhuhai for Information Technology & Innovations) visited Yingshing Zhuhai manufacturing site.
Yingshing Zhuhai has always been focusing on improving product quality and service for clients, which sets the bar of technology innovations, and continuously improve the company’s competitiveness in the industrial market. While, constantly focus on the innovation of information management systems, optimize production process and engineering, as well as driving production automation.
Our goal has always been improving the sustainability by leveraging & promoting digital transformation and upgrade production & engineering architecture. Also to inspire the development of the industry in order to thoroughly resolve common pain of local enterprises by being a role model.

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