Development & History

More Than 20 years of Innovation

Pearl Engineered Solutions is comprised of two highly specialized plastic injection manufacturers: Ying Shing Enterprises and Fischer Tech.

Starting out as independent companies, Fischer Tech was established in 1994 in Singapore to serve the automotive and healthcare markets with complex plastic solutions and subassemblies. Ying Shing Enterprises was established in 1997 in Hong Kong to offer comprehensive molded plastic and tooling technologies to the consumer electronics and industrial markets.

The strategic merger of Ying Shing and Fischer Tech in 2017 was borne from a common interest in innovative technologies and leading-edge plastics solutions. The synergy created by both companies drove advancements in processes, precision, cosmetics and engineered molding solutions. Now together under the Pearl Engineered Solutions name, we empower our customers to attain market superiority by helping them overcome complex product design and performance challenges.


Pearl Engineered Solutions, Innovation


Ying Shing Enterprises and Fischer Tech's thriving presence in the Asian region led to further expansion of its scope and reach, with successful forays into the North American and European markets. Anticipating a sustained growth of global demand for its engineered plastics solutions, both companies built new facilities in Suzhou, Thailand and Malaysia to strengthen its scale, thus augmenting its position as a valuable partner to leading global companies in the automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare and industrial markets.

Pearl Engineered Solutions, Growth

Signature Decorative & Finishing Solutions

Pearl's comprehensive solutions include a variety of vertically integrated value-added services and decorative solutions, including RHCM, in-mold labelling, secondary coating processes and subassemblies. With global design philosophies driven by achieving excellence in user experience and aesthetics, Pearl is at the forefront of enabling customers to develop products that stand out and create differentiation.

Signature Decorative and Finishing Solutions

Quality & Accreditation

Our commitment to quality, social responsibility and customer satisfaction is underscored by a strict adherence to global quality standards and testing protocols, and are further maintained and enforced across all manufacturing locations. Certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO13485, ISO 22301, UL and RoHS.

Pearl Engineered Solutions Quality and Accreditation

Making Moves To More Sophisticated Manufacturing - Robotics & Automation

To fulfill the challenges of rapidly evolving product technologies, Pearl continuously invests in advanced equipment and processes that enable our facilities to manufacture molded parts with high dimensional precision, complexity and cosmetic finish. Our fully automated production lines use robotics, vibrating modules, camera-assisted inspection equipment and pick-and-place systems for fully optimized production efficiency and repeatability. We approach volume production with unmatched efficiency, cost competitiveness, reliability and speed by providing comprehensive end-to-end service. Our capabilities span from mold design, flow simulation, mold fabrication, injection molding and metal stamping, all the way to vertically integrated secondary processes including coating, painting, hot stamping, laser etching and subassemblies.

Sophisticated Manufacturing, Robotics and Automation

Pearl Engineered Solutions

Our scale is supported by more than 5,000 employees and five manufacturing facilities across the Asian region. To offer best-in-class engineered plastic solutions, we leverage extensive knowhow and continuous acquisition of new technologies to continually excel in fulfilling customers' sophisticated product requirements. Our comprehensive end-to-end service is the cornerstone of Pearl's progressive product launch cycle—starting from design and validation all the way through fulfillment of production demand.


With the strategic merger of Ying Shing and Fischer Tech under Pearl Engineered Solutions, our presence is strengthened across a diverse range of market verticals. Our combined technologies promote innovation in processes, precision, cosmetics and engineered molding solutions. Such powerful expertise empowers our customers to overcome product design challenges and complexity with ease, leading to accolades from global customers through the years.


Fischer Tech is founded in Singapore
Ying Shing Enterprises is established in Zhuhai, China
Ying Shing acquires land in Zhuhai for factory expansion
Fischer Tech is awarded S50 for SME

Fischer Tech is listed in Singapore SGX Stock Exchange

Ying Shing initiates long-term business relationship with Mitsumi
Fischer Tech CHINA is established
Fischer Tech establishes Fischer Tech THAILAND and MALAYSIA
Fischer Tech establishes Fischer Tech THAILAND
Fischer Tech establishes Fischer Solution CHINA
Ying Shing Zhuhai is awarded "Gold Supplier" of EXFO and "Excellent Supplier" by Canon
Ying Shing acquires HK Watson
Zhuhai is awarded "Very Valuable Vendor" by Canon
Ying Shing acquires a piece of land in Zhuhai for expansion
Zhuhai is awarded "Excellent Supplier" by Mitsumi
Zhuhai is recognized as "Designated Supplier" by Mitsumi
Ying Shing develops Micro Multi-Cavities Molding Capability

Ying Shing develops Multi-Processes Molding Capability

Ying Shing develops Multi-Components Over-Molding Capability

Ying Shing develops Reel to Reel Insert - Molding Capability

Ying Shing develops Automation Aided Precision Molding Capability

Pearl Engineered Solutions is created with the merger of Ying Shing Enterprises and Fischer Tech