YSZ New Environment Impact Assessment Draft Report

珠海市英诚电子科技有限公司改扩建项目 环评报批前公示 按照《建设项目环境影响评价信息公开机制方案》(环发[2015]162号) 文件要求,现将珠海市英诚电子科技有限公司改扩建项目相关情况公示如下: 项目名称:珠海市英诚电子科技有限公司改扩建项目 建设地点:珠海市高新区科技九路88号厂房1和2(一至四层)、厂房3(一层至五层)、厂房4(共五层)、食堂(负一至四层)、研发楼(一至五层)和宿舍楼(一层至六层) 建设单位:珠海市英诚电子科技有限公司 环境影响评价单位:珠海恒盛达环保科技有限公司 公示时间: 2020年7月6日至2020年7月10日(5个工作日) 建设单位联系人:徐智勇 联系电话:0756-3638999 评价单位联系人: 黄工         联系电话:13168696853 环境影响报告表全本公开:见以下网络链接

Yingshing Zhuhai Awarded as 2019 Leading Benchmark of Industrial 4.0 in Zhuhai

Zhuhai YingCheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (known as Yingshing Zhuhai afterwards) is an independent engineered plastics component solutions provider supplying high-specification tools/molds as well as injection molded precision parts to well-known global OEMs, located in No. 88 Keji 9th Road, Hightech Zone, Zhuhai, Guangdong. The Award-wining project is leveraging IoT (Internet of Things) & MES […]

Fisher Tech’s Groundbreaking ceremony for the new building in Suzhou

Fisher Tech held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new building in Suzhou on March 5, 2018. Pearl Group senior leaders participated. The new building for establishing Fisher Advanced Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.is located in Suzhou New District area. The 3 stories, 45,000 square meters building will feature a modern factory building equipped workshop,office, and advanced […]