Ying Shing Ethics Line

The Ying Shing Code of Ethics: 

Ying Shing Directors and employees are expected to carry out their duties as required and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, acting in ways that bring credit to themselves, the Company and the public we serve.  We are required to observe high standards of business and personal ethics, honestly and act with integrity in fulfilling our responsibilities as well as comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Consistent with the company’s code of ethics, we are a socially responsible company, ensuring that the above as well as a general culture of ethics is pervasive throughout the organization.

The Ying Shing Staff Manual (“Staff Manual”): 

All employees of Ying Shing are required to read and acknowledge the Staff Manual on an annual basis.

The Staff Manual encourages employees of Ying Shing to report their concerns to Ying Shing’s HR department, which handles whistle-blowing cases according to a well-defined protocol.  Alternatively, in case of actual or potential conflict of interest or fear of retribution, employees of Ying Shing have the option of using the Ying Shing Ethics Line.  This service, run by Deloitte Legal, an independent and external organization, provides a reporting channel to the employees of Ying Shing.

Whistle-blowing policy, scope and channels

The Ying Shing Ethics Line, a hotline service run by an independent external party, gives employees of the company the opportunity to speak up on misconduct and/or wrongdoing by a Ying Shing employee, customer, vendor or third party.  Typical scope or parameters handled by the Ying Shing Ethics Line include:

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Bribery
  • Corrupt Conduct
  • Forgery
  • Fraud
  • Breaches of law
  • Other unethical behavior

The Ying Shing Ethics Line service includes:

  • Three specific channels for reporting, including a dedicated hotline number, website and email for reporting of suspected incidents of misconduct and wrongdoing
  • Opportunity to remain anonymous if considered necessary
  • Specialist call center operators with knowledge of individual organizations
  • Subject matter experts with a legal and forensic experience to analyze reports
  • Timely reporting of incidents to dedicated representatives for follow up action

Employees may report to the Ying Shing Ethics Line via the methods below, including the website link.

  1. Toll Free Line:  400 823 5200
  2. Website link:  www.tip-offs.com.cn/ys
  3. Email: Yingshing@tip-offs.com.cn