Diverse Markets

Our product portfolio includes wide-ranging applications across diverse end-markets.

Automotive applications include safety systems, instrumentation displays, electric vehicle battery systems and more.


  • Control modules
  • Safety systems
  • Audio
  • Instrumentation displays
  • Door panels
  • Roof systems
  • Seats
  • Body, trim and accessories
  • Electric vehicle battery systems
Electronics applications include mobile devices, gaming consoles, computer peripherals, printers, telecommunications and more.


  • Mobile devices
  • Gaming consoles
  • Computer peripherals and printers
  • Personal care devices
  • AR / VR wearables
  • Enterprise networking
  • Telecommunications
  • Data storage
Medical applications include diagnostic and imaging equipment, and patient monitoring devices.


  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Patient monitoring devices
  • Drug dispensing and delivery systems
  • Imaging equipment
Industrial applications include smart appliances, power tools and material handling.


  • Smart appliances
  • Test and automation equipment
  • Material handling
  • Power tools