Capabilities & Services

Complete Plastics Component Solutions

  • Precision mold design
  • Fabrication of precision molds
  • Plastics Injection molding and production
  • A wide range of secondary processing service

High Precision Injection Molding

  • Highly complex injection molding process capabilities: 2-shot molding, insert molding and overmolding
  • High-precision injection molding equipment in a broad range of press sizes from 30T – 1600T
  • Fully automated secondary processing

Automated Insert Molded Components

  • Custom-made insert molding equipment that integrates robotic arms, vibrating modules, camera assisted inspection and PLC pick-and-place systems
  • Fully automated high-volume and high-speed precision manufacturing for industry leading production efficiency while maintaining dimensional precision and accuracy during high-volume production runs

Mold Design & Fabrication

  • Comprehensive mold design using the latest CAD / CAM and Mold Flow Analysis software
  • Extensive engineering expertise with the capability to fabricate molds with exceptional technical complexity and accuracy
  • High-precision mold fabrication in press sizes from 20T to 2500T

Spray Painting

  • Automated chain-on-edge, robotic and flatbed spray-painting capabilities with CO2 pretreatment
  • Consistent high yield in complex configurations such as combination finishing – Waterbase, piano black, PU high gloss, soft touch, UV and plating

Laser Etching

  • Extensive laser etching equipment, including auto and semi-auto for dead fronts and back lighting

IML Printing

  • One-stop solution for in-mold-labelling (IML), from printing to trimming through molding
  • Ideal for intricate custom designs

Metal Stamping

  • Vertical integration of metal stamping process for insert-molded parts
  • Punching equipment up to 80 tons
  • High-speed progressive dies