Mold & Design

Manufacturing Technology - High Efficiency and Precise

We design and manufacture high precision injection molds, enabling the conversion of product designs into plastic parts made with molds built to attain high efficiency production and optimized cycle times. Our continuous investments in the latest equipment and tooling technologies ensure molds are made with tight tolerances in mind. Furthermore, our processes and operational scale are strategically configured to provide fast time to market with outstanding reliability.

As an injection mold specialist, our tool rooms are fitted with advanced equipment for building molds with fast machining times and consistent accuracy, including high speed CNC machines with 45k RPM spindle speed, cutters as small as 0.5mm, and wire cutting as thin as 0.03mm.

20 Years of Industry Expertise

To ensure top quality and on-time delivery, our experienced toolmakers take ownership of each step of the tool fabrication process from design, validation, through approvals.

We also introduced innovative, cutting edge molding capabilities in the following years:

2012 – Micro Multi-Cavities Molding Capability

2013 – Automated Precision Molding Capability

2014 – Rapid Heat and Cool Molding Capability

2015 – Reel to Reel Insert Molding Capability