Our History

Well-Established History of Operations


Year 1997:

Zhuhai Yingshun was established

Year 1998:

Zhuhai Yinghui was established

1997 – 1998

Year 2000:

Acquired a piece of land in Zhuhai for establishment of factory premises

Year 2002:

Commenced long-term business relationship with Mitsumi

Year 2003:

Acquired new factory premises in Zhuhai

2000 – 2003

Year 2005:

Zhuhai Yingcheng was established

Year 2006:

Yinghao was established, and acquired factory permises in Zhuhai

2004 – 2006

Year 2007-2008:

Business of Zhuhai Yingshun and Zhuhai Yinghui was consolidate into that of Zhuhai Yinghao

Year 2008:

1. Established new factory premises in Zhuhai

2. Awarded “Gold Supplier” of EXFO and “Excellent Supplier” of Canon

2007 – 2008

Year 2009:

1. Acquired HK Watson, which held the entire equity interest in Shanghai Watson.

2. Suzhou Yinghao was established.

3. Awarded “Very Valuable Vendor” of Canon

Year 2010:

1. Acquired a piece of land Zhuhai for establishement of new factory premises.

2. Awarded “Excellent Supplier” of Mitsumi.

2009 – 2010

Year 2011:

Recognised as “Designated Supplier” of Mitsumi

Year 2012:

Entered into the cell phone market

Year 2013:

Establised new factory premises and headquater in Zhuhai

2011 – 2013

Year 2015:

Acquired by Platinum Equity and introduced the trademark of Pearl Engineered Solutions.