Injection Molding and Secondary Processing

High Precision Injection Molding and Secondary Processing in China



At Pearl Engineered Solutions, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in high precision two shot molding and overmolding processes in China. These two processes are highly versatile and are used across a broad range of sectors, from medical applications to the automotive industry. With many years of experience in the field of high precision molding, we are known for delivering results that are second to none in China — and our reputation for always producing the best quality solutions has seen us become a leading manufacturer across many other countries around the world too.

Segment Overview

  • Core segment driving revenue today servicing blue-chip MNCs operating in China (substantially all sales within China)
  • Segment integrates injection molding with unique array of secondary processing services to deliver to customers plastic injection molded parts (for subsequent assembly / subassembly by OEMs) within final products
  • Uniquely long track record in delivering secondary processing services (since 2004); strong in a wide range of value-added services such as spray/silkscreen/pad painting, hot stamping and UV coating services

Strengths and Capabilities

  • Continuously developed competencies in this core segment
    • High-complexity process capabilities: 2-shot molding capabilities, insert molding and overmolding capabilities
    • Wide range of secondary processing capabilities
  • Continued investment in state-of-the-art equipment:
    • Precision Injection molding machines mostly Japanese brands (50T – 1600T)
    • 2-shot injection molding machines
    • Secondary processing fully automated equipment
  • Skilled personnel in injection molding, differentiated secondary processing services and Quality assurance.

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