Consumer Electronics Plastic Injection Molding in China


Mobile Communications

Gaming Consoles, Components and Accessories

Consumer Electronics, Printer

Telecom and Networking


In today’s world, one of the most competitive markets is that of electronics. With so many choices for consumers, people are increasingly focused on finding goods that they know will offer the utmost performance, reliability and durability. As a result, it is important to find a manufacturer that you know will provide top quality components and enclosures — which is why Pearl Engineered Solutions is your number one choice.

As the leaders in consumer electronics plastic injection molding in China, we specialise in providing solutions in precision components and enclosures with stringent finishing requirements to the electronics market.

Some of the applications we can assist with when it comes to consumer electronics plastic injection molding include:

  • Mobile communications
  • Gaming consoles, components and accessories
  • Consumer electronics and printers
  • Telecom and networking products

Introducing Pearl Engineered Solutions

At Pearl Engineered Solutions, we pride ourselves on being the number one providers of injection molding solutions in China. With clients coming from all over the world, we are truly an organisation that is global in nature, helping to build end products all across the world. We place a strong emphasis on staying ahead of new trends, to ensure that we are always able to produce components and enclosures that match consumer demand and keep pace with the rapid development of the electronics market. Choosing Pearl Engineered Solutions gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will be receiving the best quality plastic injection molding solutions that are available on the market.

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