TS 16949 Certified Automotive Car Injection Molder Tooling in China


Control Modules

Safety & Audio

Body, Trim and Accessories


When it comes to manufacturing in the automotive industry, it is important that the right tooling processes are in place. Manufacturing in the sector is unlike any other because it requires the precision and quality to ensure the ultimate safety and performance for the vehicle. Whether it’s for the individual components of the dashboard, the dashboard itself and more, car injection molder tooling offer unparalleled flexibility when it comes to the manufacturing of car components.

At Pearl Engineered Solutions, we are the leaders when it comes to both tool design and fabrication for the automotive market in China. For the best results, make Pearl Engineered Solutions your choice.

Our expertise in car injection molder tooling includes:

  • Control modules
  • Safety and audio gear
  • Body, trim and accessories

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As a global leader in the field of injection molding, Pearl Engineered Solutions is TS 16949 certified for automotive car injection molder tooling in China. This means that we follow international standards when it comes to the design, development, production and installation of parts for automotive applications. We also offer molding services for the Tier-2 automotive market as well, truly making us the go-to providers for car injection molder tooling not just in China and across the world. Rest assured that you will be making the right choice when you choose Pearl Engineered Solutions.

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