About Us


Ying Shing has a new trademark – Pearl Engineered Solutions.

Founded in 1997, Pearl is an independent engineered plastics component solutions provider supplying high-specification tools/molds as well as injection molded precision parts to well-known global OEMs, serving a variety of end markets, including mobile, networking equipment, consumer electronics, auto and other end-markets. Pearl’s competitive advantage is its proprietary tooling design and development, and deep strategic partnerships with selected North American and Japanese customers. Pearl has also organically developed in-house secondary finishing capabilities and fully robotic automated assembly systems that allows it to deliver end-to-end solutions while also meet higher specification cosmetic and tight-tolerance requirements. It also has insert-molding capabilities with fully automated robotic pick-and-place systems, and has dedicated metal stamping in-house.

Pearl has its operational headquarters in Zhuhai, where it has its primary, state-of-the-art 1 million ft2 production facility. Pearl also has a second production facility in Suzhou serving automotive customers. Pearl has ~ 2,600 employees.



Unique End-to-End Competency for Engineered Plastic Component Solutions

  • Uniquely possesses strong competency through all parts of value chain
  • In-house secondary processing capabilities, fully robotic automated assembly systems
  • All know-how developed organically through years of strategic partnership with customers

Leading Tooling Capabilities

  • Significant co-design and engineering work with global OEMs
  • Capable of producing toots/molds of highest technical complexity: 2-shot, over-molding, stack-molding, insert-molding tools
  • Consistently meets high-specification needs of customers In mobile, networklng equipment, consumer electronics, auto and other end-markets

Platform for Further Meaning Growth

  • Significant Investment undertaken during '14 and '15 Into highly automated manufacturing cells to bolster micro-componen1s capabilities
  • State-of-the-art 1 million ft2 mega-facility in Zhuhai provides sufficient room for further business expansion
  • Strong base or tooling customers to mine I convert for more revenue by adding services

Attractive Financial Profile

  • Stable revenue base with strong growth momentum
  • Best-in-class profitability and strong free cash flow generation
  • Operational initiatives to drive further margin expansion near-term

Dedicated Leadership Team

  • Stable, core leadership team of industry veterans with 15- 20 years experience
  • Mix of Singaporean expats and Chinese locals
  • Many of the leadership team also have prior experience at publicly listed companies